A solo violin or viola, echoing through the church, or carrying gracefully outdoors, can add just the understated "touch of class" that you're looking for in your ceremony. And later, at the reception, a strolling violinist lends a uniquely romantic atmosphere.

the Doctor's head shot!

The Doctor in action!


Dr. Divine is a conservatory-trained violinist with over 25 years of professional experience. He has scores of wedding ceremonies and receptions to his credit, in all types of settings, from grand churches and reception halls to intimate backyard gatherings.

For ceremonies, certain works are perennial favorites. The following are some suggestions:

Other titles of your choosing are also available. Many baroque and classical pieces are adaptable to a solo violin.

For receptions, more light classical and pop selections are presented, as well as requests from guests.

For more information and rates, contact the Doctor at 413-665-2889 - or email sitemail@chrisdevine.com .

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